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mallet pour tambour sur chamane

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mallet chamane

mallet tambour de gong

Here we offer the sticks for shamane-drum and gong-drum extra.

Shamane-drum Stick

This sticks from the shamane-drums are made with a thick, stiff rattan stick. The head ist sewed from leather and filled with small leather pieces.

The beating of this stick is softer than a wooden stick and harder than a felt stick.

This sticks are very different in thickness of the rattan stick, size of the head and colour.

Gong-drum stick

The sticks from the gong-drum are made from a thin, elastic rattan stick. The handle of the stick is covered with material, to make it a little bit thicker. The head is a rubber ball, covered with leather.

This beater is springy, cuase the soft stick, the head is a little  bit harder than the shamane stick.

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